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"Even after all these years, the stigma is huge. The drugs may have changed but the attitudes haven't."

Community Service Announcement

Iíve been positive for 25 years. Iíve had no AIDS-defining illnesses, but the side effects from the anti-HIV medication are frightening. Iíve had wonderful care from my doctors and a great support team of friends. At the end of the day, Iíve really got nothing to complain about.

I was a volunteer counsellor during the early days of the epidemic in Singapore. Working with those HIV-positive individuals was life changing. In the years that Iíve been working as a nurse, I have got to know patients as people, not by their disease.

We were always close. He was emotional and kept things quiet. I loved him deeply. He was a dancer, so people always said heíd land on his feet. I knew he had a partner as a steadying influence, yet he became remote. He went into hospital and we thought it was something else, anything else. It wasnít until the doctors asked if I knew he was positive. The palliative care was amazing. Which is why I now work as the National Patron of the Australian Palliative Care Foundation.

The first night we met he said ĎIím HIV-positive, you have the option to take me or leave me now.í I loved him for that immediately. He has to take 19 drugs a day to manage his condition, and Iíve been so scared of losing him. But weíre in for the long haul, whatever happens.

Todd was a great friend. He got sick when I was pregnant and went into palliative care. Life was writ large, watching a huge energy diminish and a small one grow. He died when my baby was six months old. Then my child got cancer when he was three, but I knew Todd was watching over him. Iím so grateful for the time we had together.

I seroconverted a few years ago. It was a huge reality check, but I donít let it hold me back. Now itís my opportunity to help others.


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